Welcome to Graphite.

For those who have been working with us behinds the scenes – we welcome and thank you. Without the incredible roster of creators, publishers, advisors, and partners we have, we would not be in the position to revolutionize the industry the way we are going to today. We are forever indebted to your faith in us and will hold ourselves to the highest standards to deliver the most groundbreaking comics experience ever created.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about who we are and why we’re different in a minute, but first a promise or two so you can refer back to this post and hold us to it.

Our promise to creators is that we deeply understand and value that you are the lifeblood of this industry. Whether you work with a publisher and your book is on Graphite, whether you have a creator-owned title here, or whether you upload directly to the platform, these stories do not exist without you. We will always strive to make ourselves available to you and to build a company that aims to provide the best opportunities the market can offer and to give back to this community wherever we can.

Our promise to publishers is that we are going to expand the market, to get your titles into the hands of readers who might otherwise never have had the opportunity to access them, to scale this business to suit your needs, and to provide a singular, global platform that will redefine how you interact with and reach your fans with unprecedented levels of transparency.

Our promise to readers is that whatever your tastes, whatever you preferred format, and wherever you are, that we will deliver the smartest, most inclusive, and seamless comics experience in the universe. We are working diligently to continually expand our offering with new content being published daily.

How can we promise that?

By offering features that have never been seen in digital comics but that the world has been screaming for.

  • A.I.-driven discovery – the most intuitive comics app ever designed with A.I. discovery that is similar to your favorite music and video streaming platforms.
  • All formats of comics are supported – traditional comics and graphic novels, vertical webtoons, horizontal strips and webcomics, and manga.
  • Unparalleled image quality and speed – the team has a decade of experience in dealing with image file optimization and the app supports up to retina quality images for all formats.
  • A truly kids safe environment – set parental controls and we disable commenting, ads, UGC, and social media features. Your child will only see content from brands you know and trust.
  • A freemuim/subscription model – all content is free and ad supported or ad free with a premium subscription.
  • A singular, global destination – as we bring in content from around the globe there won’t be any need to install multiple apps or manually switch regions.

Now, you may see a glitch or two this week, or some features will roll out in the coming days. We’re in a full sprint and with a product this advanced issues are sure to arise, but we have the best tech team in the business and iterate at nothing short of light speed.

There are many more announcements to come, but for today it’s time to strap a rocket to the back of this thing and see what the future of comics can be.

So pick up your pencil, pack your imagination, and Get Drawn In!

Tom Akel
Chief Content Officer
Graphite Comics, Inc.