Graphite has something for everyone. We achieve this by hosting the most diverse collection of comics in every format. We’ve opened our doors to publishers, independent creators, and readers, whatever their background or experience.

We pride ourselves in having options, and to help us keep our promise to all of you, the Content and Community Guidelines are meant to help foster an open community of diverse comics creators and readers. Creators, familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure your stories are shared with your intended audience. Anyone who is participating in the community, get comfortable with these guidelines to help us keep our community free from spam, copyright infringement, discrimination and harassment.


If you see any activity that that violates our Content and Community Guidelines, please let us know. Our team will review reports and take appropriate action.

Excessive or unnecessary reporting may result in suspension or removal of your account.

Spam and Commercial Promotion

To ensure the best experience for any user on Graphite, we enforce against spammy activity and commercial promotion. The following is not allowed on Graphite:

  • Creation of accounts primarily to drive traffic to external websites
  • Spreading malware or viruses
  • Defrauding Others
  • Phishing
  • Posting large amounts of repetitive, unwanted messages or user reports
  • Artificially growing stats or interactions through automated means

That all being said, we encourage creators to link out to and promote your personal store, social media, or related channels to help grow your presence. Graphite still has the discretion to decide if any messaging, promotion, or links constitute spam and will remove such content and for serious infractions, may suspend the account of those users.

Copyright and Trademark

As a home for creatives, copyright and trademark issues are very important to us at Graphite.

Examples of content you can’t share on Graphite without permission from the copyright owners:

  • Reposting another creator’s content
  • Posting or distributing any third party’s copyrighted material
  • Posing or acting as another individual and/or claiming another’s content as yours
  • Commercially publishing a work

If you are a copyright owner or the authorized agent, and you feel as your copyright has been infringed, please review our procedure for sending us a copyright infringement notice.


The creative freedom to tell stories for any group is an integral part to Graphite. You can find anything from all ages stories for the whole family to comics meant for mature audiences that touch on more sensitive topics. This means it’s important to rate your title accurately, so you reach the audience you intend to reach.

This is how we currently rate our content:

All Ages

All – Appropriate for all ages. Most parents may let younger children access this content unattended. Content in this category is held to high moderation standards and will be strictly monitored.


Pre-Teen – Appropriate for older children ages 10 and up. Content may include cartoon or fantasy violence. Parents might want to read this content together with younger children.


Teens – Appropriate for readers ages 13 and up. Content may include mild violence, language and/or suggestive themes. Themes and content may call for parental guidance.


Teens Plus – Appropriate for most readers age 16 and up. This content includes more mature themes, strong language and moderate violence.


Mature – Suitable for adults only. This content includes adult themes, crude language, intense violence, sexual themes, nudity and other subject matter suitable only for older readers. Content in this category is available to Graphite subscribers only.

Creators generally have the power to set their age ratings. If you find that your title is between two ratings, we recommend selecting the higher age rating.

We may update age ratings if we find that a title does not have an appropriate rating. If a user continues to incorrectly rate their title, or is deceptive with their rating, we may hide their content or suspend their account. If a user reverses a recategorization of age rating, without receiving consent from our team, we may suspend their account.

Title Names, Thumbnails, Creator Profile Images, Links, and Banners

Any content or images that can’t be masked with an age filter must be appropriate for an ‘All Ages’ audience. Any title or user profile found to be violating this policy will have their title or user profile hidden until resolved. If a user continues to post inappropriate content in aspects such as Title Names, Thumbnails, Creator Profile Images, Links, and Banners, we may suspend their account.

Prohibited Content

We understand that creators may choose to explore sensitive issues and mature themes in their works. While our rating system allows creators to have their content visible to their intended audiences, we still reserve the right to review and remove any content that we feel violates the community guidelines. We attempt to review content in the context of the whole work.

Illegal Content

We have a zero tolerance policy for glorification of any sexual violence which includes bestiality, rape, and child exploitation. When reviewing any type of content that explores this subject matter, we will consider context such as personal, historical, or educational narrative.

Extreme Violence

Extreme Violence is any content that depicts or encourages others to commit acts of violence, destruction, or self harm. Content with the sole intent of glorifying/promoting harm on others or solely depicts extended acts of violence will be given a higher level of moderation. When reviewing any type of content that explores this subject matter, we will consider context such as personal, historical, or educational narrative.

Hateful Content and Harassment

We value inclusivity and diversity, so we seek to maintain a supportive global community of fans and creators. Therefore, we don’t allow any hateful content or harassment on Graphite.

Hateful Content includes any logo, symbol, images, or comments that promotes hostility, exclusion, or segregation against people based on race, ethnicity/national origin, disability, gender, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender/gender identity, etc.

When reviewing any reports concerning hateful content, we will assess context, whether the content has historical or educational value, if it calls for violence against any protected groups, and if it glorifies ideologies that would be classified as Hateful Content.

Harassment is any malicious content or comment directed towards other creators and users with the intention of harassing, threatening, or bullying. This also includes revealing any user’s personal information (e. g. real name, location, etc.).

Users who post hateful content or engage in harassment may be warned or for serious infractions, may have their accounts suspended.